The Glass Ceiling of Hate

You know what’s telling?

People will cheer wildly cheer for the usual stuff: I’m the first woman: YEAH! We won!: YEAH! (The whole thing was like a victory parade for a sports team: we’re gonna repeat!)

But whenever either one of them says we have work to do…nobody cheers for the work. Kamala Harris said work 7 times: “…because now is when the real work begins, the hard work, the necessary work, the good work…”

While Biden contributed: “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end — here and now. The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control. It’s a decision. It’s a choice we make. And if we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate. And I believe that this is part of the mandate from the American people. They want us to cooperate.”

There’s still a deep seated hypocrisy that all Trump voters are racist and liberals will continue to reject em as deplorables.

Sure some voters are racist but we’re in the social media era this isn’t the 70s or 80s so the proliferation of online misinformation coupled with a crumbling education system where critical thinking is not taught creates enfeebled voters…so I don’t fully blame em. Neither side is particularly well-informed, well-read or righteous.

Just because you know smoking causes cancer doesn’t mean you just stop. And it doesn’t mean that non-smokers won’t start.

In a way, President Biden has to lead the charge to combat that pervasive and insidious hypocrisy. And I hope he can be a successful leader. Though in the end, the president cannot dictate any moral positions all too often the White House gig has no moral authority. You’re the President of the United State of America you ain’t the Pope.

So it’s great if Biden as President starts but like a wedding DJ it doesn’t matter what song he plays it’s up to us if we want to dance…or not. We gotta do the work.

It won’t be easy: all too often we say the right things but our actions…eek!


Originally published at Sammy Younan.



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Sammy Younan

Sammy Younan


Sammy Younan is the affable host of My Summer Lair podcast: think NPR’s Fresh Air meets Kevin Smith: interviews & impressions on Pop Culture.